Watercolour sketches

Ideas and sketches

I was sorting through my prints and some of them were sort of nice, but not good enough to be saved on them. I usually print on 300 grams paper, so the paper I use works quite nicely with watercolours as well. The printing paper is bit softer than my usual watercolour paper, so the result looks bit different, but with the oil based printing colour already in place it was going to be different anyhow. Relaxing, mindless and worry free as these were prints deemed for the recycling bin anyways so no paper was in danger of being wasted by doing whatever I felt like.


Me and art

Creating, imagining, making and living art has been part of me as long as I can remember. There are some moments and turning points in my life which I can name and point at saying “That’s a moment when the way I make art changed”, but in the end the dates are insignificant. For me art has always been there.

I paint. I draw. I etch. I won’t quit and I don’t have to, but you are welcome to join me in creating, imagining and loving art.